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Newgen Specialty Plastics Ltd.
Flame Retardant Plastics
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Flame Retardant Plastics

Plastics materials are used in large volumes in major applications such as buildings, vehicles and electronic appliances. In each of these areas fire safety is very critical requirement. To meet such challenging needs Newgen has developed a wide range of flame retardant plastics; halogenated & non- halogenated, meeting national & international norms for flame retardant plastics. The grades offered are:

newfrpc Flame retardant Polycarbonate compounds both in transparent & opaque shades. Electrical switches / Accessories / Building products / Automotive & Appliances components etc.
newfrnylon Flame retardant nylon compound Automotive & Railways components
newfrABS Flame retardant ABS/HIPS compound TV/computer components,other electronic gadgets.
newfrpp Flame retardant PP compounds Furniture/Automotive components/PPR pipe etc.
newfrpe Flame retardant PE compounds PE cables/pipe/duct & other PE products
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High Performance Nylon Compound

Newgen has developed high performance nylon compound having outstanding overall outstanding mechanical properties at high as well as low temperatures.

newamide High Performance nylon compound. Plug and socket connectors, lampshades, household items, e.g. plastic seating. Power tool housings. Automotive applications, e.g. Tank caps, ventilation grills, air induction tubes, air intake grills, electrical control box housing, cooling fans, Helmet , brake pipes, oil pipes, threaded & flexible pipes for air conditioning etc.
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Newgen offer special purpose fluorocarbon based Fluoroelastomer. Owing to their high chemical resistance and superior performance, these Fluoroelastomers are used in high temperature application in gasket seals, sponge sheeting etc. These fluoroelastomers provide chemical resistance over a broad temperature range: up to 200 degree C (392 degrees F) for continuous performance and 300 degree C (572 degrees F) for short-term exposure.

newfluro · Excellent Oil Resistance
· Excellent Fuel Resistance
· Excellent Heat Stability
O-rings, shafts seals, expansion joint Fuel Seal, Hoses
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