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Grafted Polymers

Newgen offers a wide range of grafted polymers like-PE,PP,EVA etc for variety of applications. These polymers are chemically modified with maleic anhydride & other chemicals to enhance adhesion, compatibilastion, mixing, loading of fillers in compounds & blends. We also offer Compatibiliser/Coupling Agent, Adhesion Promoter, Tie Layer, Pipe Coating, Composite Pipe, Polymer Modification, Filled PP Compound. The standard grade & its application are:

Compatibilizer/Coupling Agent newbond-6001 Chemically Modified PE Compatibilizer/ Coupling agent for Non halogen compound, Flame Retardant compound, other filled PE & EVA based compound Yes! I am Interested
Adhesion Promoter newtie-6002 Chemically Modified PE Adhesion layer/Tie Layer for Nylon, EVOH based Multilayer film Yes! I am Interested
Tie Layer newbond-6003 Chemically Modified polyolefins Impact modifier/ Toughner/Compatibiliser/Adhesion promoter for engineering plastics-Like Nylon-6, Nylon-66, Alloys, Blend, PET ,PBT etc Yes! I am Interested
Pipe Coating newcoat-6021 Chemically Modified PE Adhesion layer for Steel pipe coating; three layer pipe coating Yes! I am Interested
Composite Pipe newtie-6022 Chemically Modified PE Adhesive layer for composite pipe, Multilayer Pipe Yes! I am Interested
Polymer Modification newbond-6031 Chemically Modified PP Coupling Agent/Compatibiliser for filled PP, Glass Filled PP, Wood Filled PP, Flame Retardant PP & other filled PP compound Yes! I am Interested
Filled PP Compound newbond-6031 Chemically Modified PP Coupling Agent/Compatibiliser for filled PP, Glass Filled Yes! I am Interested
Yes! I am Interested For Grafted Polymers

All these grades are available in varied grafting degree, MFI and Density range. We also make customized grafted compound based on other polymers as per specific need of the customers.

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