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Newgen Specialty Plastics Ltd.
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Rotomoulding Compounds & Masterbatches

Newgen offers a wide range of rotomolding compounds & masterbatches meeting every need of industry. The product range includes basic LLDPE/MDPE to high performance material HDPE,XLPE, PP & Nylon. The standard grade & its application are:

nexgen-5001 XLPE powder Ready to use XLPE material for Fuel Tank & other products.
newthene-121 MDPE powder Water tank. General purpose rotomoulded products.
newthene-122 High performance MDPE powder Septic Tank, Fish Boxes, Marine product, Automotive components and Containers
newthene-126 HDPE powder Rigid Containers, Toys, etc.
newfom-813 Foam PE Ready to use PE Foam compound for water tank, Insulated containers.
newarc Antirodent masterbatch ANTI RODENT MASTERBATCH for rotomouling Plastic tanks / containers
newmicroban Antibacterial masterbatch Antibacterial Masterbatch for rotomoulded container
newfrpe FR masterbatch Flame Retardant Masterbatch for Rotomoulding PE
newuv UV Masterbatch UV Masterbatch for Rotomoulding application
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All these grades are available in varied MFI and Density range, additive package & colors to meet specific need of the customers.


Newgen offers a wide range of PE Powder (LDPE, LLDPE, MDPE, HDPE, XLPE, Grafted PE) for rotomoulding, powder coating, Polymer modification, Masterbatches, Bitumen Modification, Hot melt adhesive etc. These powders are available in various mesh size/particles size to cover wide spectrum of applications. Powder coating grades are designed for coating of wire for grills, cycle basket, Shelf, Kitchen racks, baskets, hangers, display racks, various metal parts carpet backing, fusible interlining fabric etc.

These grades are available in various colours & shades. Special grades such as UV Stablized, Antistatic, fire retardant etc are also available as per specific need of customers..

The standard grades of PE Powder are as follows.
  • newthene 1101
  • newthene 1105
  • newthene 1121
  • newthene 1126
  • nexgen 5001
  • newbond 6001
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Polycarbonate Compounds

Polycarbonate Compound is a special cable compound that comes from Carbonate family. These are widely used as insulating material for wires.

newcarbonate NEWCARBONATE series products are based on PP & specially formulated to give good flow & insulation properties Polycarbonate Compound

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